Thursday, 21 May 2009

Are you polyvorous?

Still pursuing our theme of the sea with a somewhat new angle – a blog that’s dedicated to the polyvorous. For those who aren’t and are curious, here’s a quick explanation: Polyvore is a rather addictive website where us arty types cobble together a group of our most favourite things – fashion, accessories, jewellery, art, furniture, cosmetics etc – an eclectic mix of stylish stuff that we choose to look good together – in a kind of a quirky collage called a set. I’m a mere novice and am in awe of almost all other Polyvores, but here’s one I created earlier (this is what’s called a set):

Oceanic eclectic

It’s all about style and trends, which is why I absolutely love it and I’ve even set up my own group called Are You ShopCurious? which, by the way, you are very welcome to join. We recently had our first ever contest (inspired by the sea) and I’d like to present the winners (the top three sets) with a little explanation of why I’ve chosen them.

1st - Fresh, modern and international in its appeal – with just about everything you’d need to enjoy a stylish summer holiday by the sea - plus this is so sunny, you can almost feel the ocean breeze in your hair and taste the salt in the air - it makes you feel like you’re on vacation (mine's a pina colada please):

holidayeahh by deprimenthia_89

2nd - Original, stylish and quirky with a retro vibe – very much in keeping with the ethos of ShopCurious – great artistic eye:

3rd - Curiously classic, but unique too. Clever use of poetry/literature (click link to view) to bring an added element of 'curiosity' to the set:
maiden by the sea
maiden by the sea by ♥ § h ☆ €

There were also some awesome runners up, so do visit the website to check out all of the other entries – after all, my choice may not be yours – it’s all a matter of taste: btw I also love this one by ♥INღLOVE♥♫[ON], called ShopCurious:


Helen Cox said...

I love polyvore and these ocean inspired creations are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them.

Susan said...

Thanks Helen, do hope you will join our group at Polyvore - here's the link: