Thursday, 25 June 2009

Golden oldies are the winners

Just back from Ascot and re-visiting our gold theme. I enjoyed a bit of a winning run with the bookies and just about broke even on my bets, but maybe I should have stuck to the gold standard? Depending on the quality of gold (24 carat being the highest quality), even the 'scrap' resale value of gold can be excellent. Gold is definitely something to have in reserve if times get hard – and it’s a currency with worldwide worth. Appropriate then that our group at Polyvore – Are you ShopCurious? – had a GOLD contest this month. Here are the winners and some comments on why we chose them:

The winning composition is, curiously, not entirely gold - there’s a teesny-weensy bit of silver and some black … Well, one has to hedge ones bets. Not much explanation required as this set is so cool, but we particularly like the layout and the clever use of the brooch as a hair accessory.

Little Wonder also submitted a couple of other fabulous sets – one of them featuring the stunning hand painted Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower bag worn by SJP in the Sex and the City film – we're expecting the limited edition bag to be in stock again within the next few days.

Of course, we’re not big on celebrity endorsements, but interesting that Sarah Jessica Parker has named one of her newborn twins Marion. Judging from the photograph of
Marion Davies here, film stars with real style and great fashion sense were even more mesmerizing in Hollywood's golden days than they are today.

In second place, the glorious Pin-up Gold set is a vintage inspired throw-back to a glitzy, glamorous era and lifestyle – incomplete without a few unique retro accessories from our online store and the stunningly sparkling addition of the incredible
tree of life gold and diamond brooch/pendant by talented London-based jewellery designer, Marcelle Lawson-Smith.

In third place this rather bold Bling set, which we love for its creative styling and curiously quirky sense of humour. This also features that much sought after Zac Posen dress, plus a load of ultra-covetable gold coins (hope you have a few under your mattress?), as well as the beautifully bold ethical gold/semi-precious stone cocktail rings by
StyleCurious featured designer, Sarah Bond. By the way (as per a few blogs ago), did I spy those Louboutin shoes under a table at Royal Ascot last week?

Finally, here’s one I made earlier – my own study in glittering gold:

Curious that gold always reappears in a big way at crucial times in history – I guess because it’s so timeless and has global value, as well as international appeal. Do let us know your views on the merits of gold.

Will you?

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I love that vintage style its tyrly charming!
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