Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sensible shopping a la Polyvore

If you're into in fashion, style and design, but you're still a Polyvore virgin, then please read this blog! Polyvore is a strangely addictive website that could result in you being glued to your computer for hours on end – except that it will seem like minutes! It really is a fabulous way to spend time, especially if your ultimate wish is to be a stylist – in fact, you can live your dream by styling countless mind-blowing sets* on the surprisingly user-friendly site - and you can even create your own trends.

Our group, Are you ShopCurious? holds regular contests, the most recent of which was all about ‘sensible style’. This recession, (I can’t believe we are out of it), is probably more about sensible shopping than sensible style, which is why Polyvore is such a great site – you can have hours of creative fun without actually spending any money at all!

Here are the wonderful winning sets from our latest contest … Laura Loukaides came first, by suggesting that we shop for the future 'curiously' by adding come cool and quirky touches to our modern environment, creating a unique, eclectic mix. It’s great that this set is all about ‘saving the world’, as we specialise in recycled clothing and eco-friendly gifts. Hopefully, together, we can also help to save the world from unoriginal, mediocre-quality, mass-produced clothing and design!

We also love the idea of ‘Trying on Grandma’s Things’, the winner of the second prize by OptimistPrime. Hopefully, your grandma is still around and you can go check out her wardrobe. The likelihood is that her clothes will look pretty individual, especially if you add a few unique accessories from ShopCurious (no money required here either, just your credit/debit card!). Don’t you just adore the beautiful autumnal colour scheme of this set too?

In third place, ‘Afternoon tea with pixies’ is as curiously quirky as we are. We particularly like the green, gold and orchid white colour combo of this set, as well as its classic style and vintage flair. The only thing we are a bit curious about is that we can't actually spot any pixies … but how beguiling is that - thanks so much Sylphide, (fascinating name too!)

All this gushing free publicity for Polyvore, d’you think I've been brain-washed?

Do you?

*A set is the term used to describe a group of items (clothing, accessories, home furnishings, arty images etc) styled/presented together to create a collage or look.


Anonymous said...

hi!!!! thanks for invite me! I love Polyvore!!!is amazing!!! I following you right now!!! kisses and good look!!!

Care Home Newquay said...


This is a great blog, however one of the residents commented that they prefer an afternoon nap with the pixies and tea as usual at 5.

Hatastic! said...

Wow Polyvore is amazing! Thanks for the intro xxx