Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Weird and wonderful winners

We were simply stunned at the standard of entries in our latest contest at Polyvore. We asked the members of our Are you ShopCurious? group to create weird and wonderful sets, full of unique and unusual things. Here's Caramilka's top prize winning contribution:

The winning set epitomizes our approach to style - the ability to combine the old with the contemporary and quirky – plus, it's just so totally weird and totally wonderful, rather like an advertisement for a modern day curiosity shop. Thanks Caramilka, we love this set! By he way, if you like this, do check out Caramilka’s other sets for our contest, including the very fabulous 'Princess weird and wonderful'.

Second was Nananapgirl’s ‘little drummer girl’:

little drummer girl

Of course, this fulfilled all of our weird and wonderful requirements, but what we really love about this set is its awesome simplicity.... it's so clever, yet so curiously understated. Nananapgirl is another another of the extraordinarily creative and inventive members of our group at Polyvore. Amongst her sets in our contest was a strangely special spiky lady, along with a number of other impressively original collages.

Third was a newcomer, xprincess, with her mysterious ice-blue lady, 'Queen of Cold'. We love the arty uniqueness of this set and the eclectic mix of items used – just an uncredibly weird and wonderfully well executed combination...

Queen Of Cold

The remaining winners included cloho deux with ‘Minimal is out, eccentricity is in!’, which has a great sense of humour – and we adore the Alice in Wonderland theme;

Minimal is out, eccentricity is in!

And LittleWonder’s curiously cool ‘Space Cat’ is also fantastic – if not fantastical... just how weird and wonderful is that? In case I haven't already mentioned this, if I do ever get a cat, that’s exactly the sort I want (though preferably the land-based version).

Space Cat

In 6th place was a rather surrealist set by Silencer called’La femme – une belle fleur mysterieuse!' Very weird and wonderful, in a curiously Daliesque sort of way…

La femme - une belle fleur mysterieuse!

Finally, we also thought that maia-arts should be mentioned, even though she missed the contest deadline due to illness, as her ‘curiouser’ set is totally and utterly amazing – so here it is:


Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. It was certainly a hotbed of extraordinary creativity in art, design and graphic wizardry – in fact, almost as weirdly wonderful as ShopCurious.

Are you?

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nearlywinter said...

Love 'em all. ALL! They made my imagination fizzy. Lovely.

Sarah P