Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Curiously special cities

On Friday evening, I received an email from Eurostar entitled ‘Europe: the ideal Christmas gift’. It offered a ‘Christmas present to remember from £69’ and suggested it wasn’t a good idea to ‘traipse around the shops for days to find that perfect gift’, as “Eurostar has the perfect present for your nearest and dearest – an experience they’ll never forget."

Nightlife of Paris

I was curiously amused the following morning when I heard on the news that a couple of thousand people had been trapped in the Channel Tunnel, whilst trains were brought to a standstill by the freezing weather. Very shortly before I received the email, those who had just boarded trains in Paris at 7.0 pm weren't to know that they wouldn’t arrive back in London until 11.0 am the following morning. I’ve been stuck on trains myself and feel true pity for the poor souls caught up in this curious incident, which was tinged by the trademark incompetence that seems peculiar to the railways. Then, the next day, at the gym, someone complained that it had taken them 24 hours to get back from a trip to Cyprus – where the weather had been uncharacteristically stormy and generally pretty awful.

How glad I am to be staying in London this Christmas, where hopefully the streets will be traffic free, as those trying to escape our great city get stuck in snow drifts on the motorway, delayed at airports, or squeezed into overfull train carriages - though, wherever you are (or are aiming to be), I sincerely wish you a carefree, happy and healthy holiday...

And, I'm curious to know which city will you be spending the holiday season in – and why?

Some very creative members of Are you ShopCurious? at Polyvore have already provided stylish evidence and reasons as to why they love certain cities rather than others. Here are the winners from our Special Cities contest at Polyvore (click on the images to enlarge):

1st Place:
Seattle Dancer
Seattle Dancer by maia-arts

2nd Place:

Cairo Curious

3rd Place:

Tokyo by blubird ( out and about )

4th Place:

Even Angels get dizzy in LA
Even Angels get dizzy in LA by fandiane - writing away

5th Place:

Vem, meu amor!
Vem, meu amor! by Silencer

6th Place:

Norwich, a Fine City

There were 116 entries in total, so if you have time before you rush off for the holiday break, do take a look and judge for yourself, which of the cities are most special and stylish to you. Or perhaps you already have your own special city?

Do You?

PS As it was so difficult to choose the winners, here are a few more:



So much creativity in this world...Cheers to that!
The wonderful world of collage without the glue & scissors/paper cuts!

Susan said...

Yes, it's curiously clever - much like your good self! Wishing you a fabulous Christmas, full of happiness, creativity and fun xx

PS Don't mention the paper cuts - my fingers are in shreds after all the present wrapping...

Eri said...

Hello Susan,

Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Xmas.
I hope you have a fab and joyful time.


Susan said...

Hi Eri, Merry Christmas! My present, a link to your blog - watch this space ... xx

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