Thursday, 31 March 2011

Group icon contest results

Congratulations to the winners of our Group Icon contest at Polyvore. This is digital art at its most curiously creative:

1st place: Caramilka

Sans titre

2nd place: Thea Maia

Curious Dress Logo

Curious Dress Logo by Thea Maia -

3rd place: 3dblur

4th place: Caramilka

Icon Curious Lady

Icon Curious Lady by Caramilka (back tuesday)

5th place: Engreida

6th place: Shoshan

Are you shop curious?

Are you shop curious? by **shoshan**

7th place: Thea Maia

ShopCurious Logo

ShopCurious Logo by Thea Maia -

8th place: Cativa

Shop Curious New Icon 1

Shop Curious New Icon 1 by Cativa

9th place: Minne Romanovich

Shop Curious Icon Design - 2

Shop Curious Icon Design - 2 by Minnie Romanovich

10th place: Shivey

logo 4
logo 4 by Shivey

Let us know which is your favourite. You can see all the other sets in the contest at our Polyvore group, Are you ShopCurious?


Jan said...

I'd have to say number 9
or 7 - but they're all good.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Everyone is a winner in my eyes!
Anything with pink flamingo is BIG plus!


Jill said...

So creative! Talent and imagination are such wonderful things in this world.