Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Curiosity box cool

Storage containers have become quirkier of late. Unusual vintage chests and trinket boxes are much sought after - and individually customized boxes are seen to be curiously cool. Retro finds are being embellished by designers, like the paper clay porcelain work by Juliette Purdy (right). At ShopCurious, Uoldbag’s upcycled jewellery boxes feature vintage newspaper cuttings with a royal theme.

Japanese artists decorated the insides of tea boxes to create a collection of impressively unique artworks for ICN gallery’s opening exhibition. But, perhaps one of the most curiously fitted out boxes I’ve spotted recently, was at Jealous Gallery’s stand at the Moniker Art Fair - where a fairground candy grabber was turned into this:

Although no less extraordinary, the winning sets in our digital Curiosity Box Contest at Polyvore are, thankfully, a tad more tasteful… (click on the images below to view)
Are you?

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Profoundly Superficial said...

My vote goes to the Goth Box: "her friendships don't tend to last very long."

Does it also scare off unwanted guests?