Friday, 13 March 2009

Viva vintage Versace

I imagine that avid members of the style tribe are already trotting down to Sotheby’s, curious to view the splendid spoils of Versace’s villa that are due to go under the hammer next Wednesday.

Versace wasn’t just a designer, he was a major trend-setter and a key contributor to the culture of bling. His glitzy and glamorous fashions and interiors defined the ‘loadsamoney’ luxury lifestyle of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

We’ve some rare vintage Versace treasures in the form of perfect examples of what Gianni did best – fashion. This original vintage fluffy pink cable knit sweater appeared in Versace’s Autumn/Winter 1994-95 catalogue, both of which are now available at ShopCurious.

The stunning photographs of Versace’s iconic ‘94-5 collection were taken by Richard Avedon. Featuring a sea of supermodels, this collectable catalogue showcases peak-of career-Versace designs – including this stylish black halter dress (below left), which happens to be my favourite. One of the images shows a doe-eyed and innocent looking Carla Bruni in a hot red boucle suit (below right).

The ultimate in look-books, this will definitely appeal to you if you’re into the cult of the body-beautiful. Of course, I’m only interested from the point of view of fashion and fashion as art.

It wasn’t that long ago, but the models’ figures appear to be rather more normal sized and wholesome than those of today … and the statuesque poses displaying bulging muscled thighs are pure neo-classical-style Versace – the phrase ‘in Versace veritas’ springs to mind.
Are you?

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