Monday, 2 June 2008

A little bird told me

I was sitting at my desk this morning when a curiously cute little bird appeared outside my window. It simply sat and looked at me .. and I thought this bird is just waiting to be photographed. So I grabbed my camera and wondered how I could catch a crafty shot without scaring it away. First I thought I would poke my camera through the blind and capture it through the somewhat rain-splattered window (remind me to call the window cleaner!), then I decided to venture nearer - towards the door ... and I was just about to open it when the pesky bird flew away. So I looked up said bird on the internet and here's a photo of one very similar - a goldfinch. Though mine seemed even prettier than this.

If you're equally curious about the colourful variety of nature, there are some beautifully hand painted mother of pearl pendants available at ShopCurious. These are vintage pieces, which have been recycled with the addition of a matching necklace made of natural materials (like rice pearls and crystal) and an inventive antique style magnetic clasp. Each one of the pendants is totally unique.

I believe that these are originally from Persia (can anyone verify that?) and quite a few of the designs feature rather exotic looking birds. Some of the birds look like doves and others more like birds of paradise (maybe those are imaginary varieties dreamed up by a curiously creative artist?) Do let me know if you can identify any of these. Will you?

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