Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New directions for 2013

You may have noticed that our website and blog have gone a bit quiet lately - I've been working on some new projects. I do hope the world doesn’t end before the New Year, as I have exciting plans for ShopCurious. 

Actually, I’ve got a few too many ideas about what to do next with the website and brand, so any helpful mentoring advice would be much appreciated (please email me on

If you’re signed up to our mailing list, you’ll be first to hear about new features planned for later next year. And if you would like to be a part of our expansion, please let me know – especially if you are digitally literate, creative and curious…

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from ShopCurious! We're curious to hear about your table decorations. Do you have a turkey table centrepiece, turkey napkins rings, turkey tableware or other turkey themed home accessories?

Do you?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A sad day

I'd rather not dwell on the subject of death, but now the trees have lost their leaves, almost everything growing above ground level is a lifeless brown. Then there’s the interminable greyness of the British sky, the drizzly (or downpoury, depending on the day), rain - and the fact it gets dark so impossibly early. It makes the late Autumn and Winter months something you either have to get used to, or get SAD.

Today I was the latter as I helped my mother sprinkle my Dad’s ashes into a pot in the garden in the pouring rain. How did my mother pick out this curiously blue ceramic pot  - and why did she not opt one of our eco-friendly acorn urns

Well, she says she was drawn to it – and when she looked inside the bowl, she discovered that someone had painted a large ‘H’ inside, which is the initial of my Dad’s first name. So it was meant to be.

Anyway, we planted some flowers in the pot of her choice and some bulbs underneath – dark mauve fritillaries and irises to work with the blue of the pot.  The cyclamen are there purely because they are flowering at the moment  - I guess they too will die once it gets frosty? 

I love the fact that something new will grow out of my father’s ashes. I think it’s important to accept death as part of life, because everyone dies. Even animals. In fact, ShopCurious’s poet in residence, Matt Bryden, has written a poem about burying his cat.


The tool weighed heavy in my hands as I lowered
her in a blanket into the hole which perhaps
that night would be raided by foxes.
I brought the back of the spade down
hard against the soil, tried
not to laugh as I cast my eyes
at the ground before my family.
Afterwards, I went up to my room,
knelt on the bed and gazed outside.
I was sure my voice would be stronger if I spoke.

I’m looking forward to the Spring.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Arty objects of death

It’s not what you’re thinking… This giant chandelier called In the Eyes of Others was created by John Carey in 2009. The mixed media piece is made from plaster, steel, wire, cardboard boxes and newspaper – with not a bone in sight.

The Argentinian collective Mondongo is named after the word for traditional Argentinian tripe stew. Their curious collages combine everyday objects to create three dimensional artworks. This 2011 work called Calavera is made from Plasticine on board. 

Neo classical architecture has been chosen to represent the economic and cultural dominance of Europe and the USA over Argentina’s villa miseria or shanty towns.

These works are some of the more recent of 300 items from the collection of Richard Harris, currently on show at the Wellcome Collection’s Death: A Self-Portrait. Read more about this curiously fascinating exhibition in ShopCurious’s latest Curious Trends post – and have your say in our discussion on objects of death at The Dabbler. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Birds are everywhere – all over the world. But some are more exotic than others…

I was entranced by a curiously colourful bird I saw in San Francisco. If you’re curious to find out what it was, read our latest post in The Dabbler.

Meantime, I’ve noticed that parrots and parakeets are popping up all over the place on fashion, jewellery and home accessories. Find out more in our latest Curious Trends post.

And if you’re looking for some arty parrot inspired accessories of your own, do check out these vintage style upcycled jewel brooches at ShopCurious.