Monday, 27 April 2009

Curiously modern Ming

I did mention that we’d be featuring some more unusual examples of Oriental exotica - and so be it. As it’s already been picked up by one or two other bloggers (I found this link via British Blogs), I thought I’d better reveal all:

It’s official – computers really do ming!

Actually, these Ming style designs are hand painted by Stephanie Douet, the Norfolk based artist, whose iconic work, Minging Computers, is exclusively available for sale at ShopCurious.

What I love about this curiously cool creation is that it uses old computer waste, so it’s recycled and totally eco-friendly – but most of all it’s stylish and fun too. What’s more the Ming inspired designs are based on the original blue and white designs from the Ming Dynasty – a colour scheme that just happens to be the fashion du jour.

A curious fact is that, although Western Europe was the driving force for scientific advancement during the Ming Dynasty, China now leads the way in terms of global technological developments – and it’s great that we're able to appreciate the combined efforts of our creativity through works of art like this.

By the way, Stephanie also makes personalized Ming mats – and she reproduces all sorts of images in Ming form. Just send in photographs of your loved ones, family, friends, pets, houses, whatever you like – and they will be recreated in traditional Ming style on a set of six stylish plywood table mats.

The quirky subject matter which Stephanie has chosen to illustrate her own set of personalized placemats just happens to be a couple of hoodies sitting on a park bench … Now some may call that minging, but I’d call it inventive contemporary British art.

Do you?

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Jan said...

Oh, definitely not minging!
inventive & beautiful!