Sunday, 3 April 2011

Memories of mother

I was rummaging around in a cupboard the other day, when I stumbled upon some old family photographs. I thought I’d share this one of my mother as a child – the curious scribblings around the border demonstrate my early artistic flair.

Talking of which, the Mothers’ Day card I chose this year, courtesy of the inspired Edward Monkton at Really Good cards, looks curiously childlike in its design. But what a lovely message – and so appropriate for my long suffering mother, bless her. Of course, I’m not saying that she isn’t beautiful on the outside too…

It’s a shame we can’t stay young forever, but ephemera like photographs are such a lovely way of remembering how things used to be. If you’re the nostalgic type, you might like the collectable film programme of Shirley Temple in Dimples that’s available at ShopCurious. It’s full of wonderful retro photographs of the young Hollywood icon.

Anyway, have a Happy Mothers' Day! I’m feeling all sentimental now...

Are you?


Jan said...

Excellent find.
Cutest child star ever - surely.
I phoned my Mother earlier - she could barely hear me.
Well if she will insist on taking her hearing aid out.
Bless her.
p.s. I also had a tendency to scribble on photos as a child - Curious that.

Style Porn said...

Wait--you're freaking me out. Is mother's day in the UK different from mother's day in the US? If not, I'm in deep, deep shit.

Susan said...

Us bloggers are curiously creative types, Jan...

SP, no worries - your Mothers' Day is over a month away. Phew!