Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween fashion and fitness fun

My efforts to avoid Halloween related activities over the weekend were thwarted. What I love about sporty people is that they’re always ready to make an occasion out of any opportunity, especially if it involves dressing up and having fun.

Even after two hours of Zumba partying, the fabulous folk at Maloca in Putney were happy to pose for a photograph in their strangely sweaty Halloween outfits.

And at my local gym, curiously creative Terry (formerly a fashion designer) from the front desk had produced a work of art from a pumpkin, as well as re-styling the fixtures and fittings, with the addition of spiders, zombies and other corpse-like curiosities.

Our lovely instructor, Kien, also got into the spirit of things by handing out horribly unhealthy sweets at the end of a Body Attack class. How thoughtful…

Anyway, now I'm going to try and hide myself away from trick or treaters for the rest of the day. If I wear a designer morphsuit no one will see me, will they?

Have a happy Halloween!

Will you?

PS Check out ShopCurious's latest Curious Trends post for more quirky, cover-up clothing…

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LenoreNeverM♡re said...

My kind of fitness instructor, Susan!
They really should start handing out double cheeseburger right after a yoga class, veggie burger perhaps?!