Sunday, 18 December 2011

Seasonless and sustainable salvage designs

Artists have been salvaging bits of old scrap metal and recycling waste material to create unusual and sometimes disturbing artworks. At least there’s still something worth salvaging…

I’m trying not to think about the economic prospects for 2012. Those in the know are already prepared – I’ve spotted some curiously retro-progressive designs for the new Dark Ages (see my latest post at The Dabbler for photos).

If you’re also thinking ahead, you may wish to consider some of the upcycled curiosities at ShopCurious for Christmas gifts this year. Check out our unique selection of jewellery and accessories for handcrafted, sustainable pieces and one-off vintage finds.

Will you?

PS Last day for UK Christmas delivery is 22nd December (see website for details).


Jan said...

I'm all for upcycling, but most of these are turning me right off.
Call me shallow - I want pretty!

Susan said...

If our cherub brooch isn't pretty enough for you, Jan, a dab of salvaged pink paint or a few 'found' marabou feathers should do the trick. No?

Jan said...

Oh, I was referring to the
'artworks' Susan - not your
pieces for sale.