Friday, 13 April 2012

Vintage poetry in motion

Those of you who are curious may have been wondering which horse won the Grand National in 1953, the year of The Queen’s Coronation? I can confirm it was Early Mist, as pictured jumping a hedge in this photograph.

60 years on, and ShopCurious has some collectable cufflinks that are roughly the same vintage as this race. The best thing is that they don’t seem to have dated at all – in fact, they’re curiously timeless. So, men, if you’re looking for something unique to wear to the races, or perhaps for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year, then look no further.

But before that, I’m looking forward to watching the race at 4.15 tomorrow afternoon. It’s pretty dangerous for riders and horses alike, so if you’re squeamish may I suggest some equine inspired poetry instead? Our poet in residence, Matt Bryden, has provided just the thing:


The eyes before opening let in
bird-song, the six different strategies
for approaching the day. Before ten

one is not mature mentally or physically.
Nice paces, though a slightly weak stifle.
There are ways and ways;

inside the house
don't wear a jacket, for example;
in pjs, walk the gelding from the stable.

I expect you’re wondering what collecting has got to do with horses…

Are you?

1 comment:

Jan said...

Great photo finish on Saturday.
Mixed with sadness of course.
I suppose the GN should be made less dangerous, but would it be as exciting?