Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee jubilations!


So, the Diamond Jubilee weekend is upon us. My curious triffid-like plant has suddenly sprouted a flower, which is standing to attention to honour the occasion.

Nothing new for us Brits, but (as noted in today's post at the Dabbler) everyone is talking about the weather. It’s set to turn rather nasty on Sunday, just in time for the River Pageant on the Thames. Such a shame as I’m having a bit of a party. In fact I spent all day yesterday putting up bunting and shopping for my 1950s themed lunch/tea.

Rather than spend ages preparing the sauce for my Coronation chicken, I discovered a ready-made version by Sussex Valley, which I shall embellish to 'make it my own'…This will leave more time to get ready. I’m looking forward to wearing my specially designed Diamond Jubilee dress (of which more later).

I was also thinking that this curiously kitsch and collectable Swarovski crystal studded British bulldog bag from ShopCurious might be rather cool for the occasion too. What do you think?

Do you?


Jill said...

Good luck with your Jubilee Shindig!

Jan said...

Hope the rain didn't ruin your day.

worm said...

bet you had an amazing view! curious to know how you survived the weather

Susan said...

Thanks Jill! Despite the weather we had a fabulous time, thanks Jan - with amazing views of the boats too, worm. May share a few pics shortly.

Luke Honey said...

Splendid label!