Friday, 12 October 2012

Supersize staging for Superstar...

The thought of spending Saturday night at London’s O2 Arena seeing a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at London’s O2 Arena didn’t exactly fill me with joy. But I was pleasantly surprised by the updated version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world famous ‘70s musical. The grungy costumes weren’t particularly noteworthy, but the reworking of the show is inspired, set as it is in modern day Britain at the time of the riots – and featuring graffiti-daubed flyovers, CCTV cameras and what look to be the steps of St Paul’s.

The original music was belted out at a decibel level high enough to force our host to wear earplugs. The only respite was when Mel C (as Mary Magdalene) sang I Don’t Know How To Love Him. Tim Minchin, as Judas Iscariot, has a monumental stage presence and Ben Forster plays JC like a seasoned pro - though Alex Hanson, as Pontius Pilate, has the gravitas of someone in rather a different league. In any case, it was Chris Moyles, as gaudily dressed game show host King Herod, whose character, singing voice and red suit stole the show.

At the time of writing there are still tickets available for Wembley Arena on Wednesday 17th October, plus the production is also touring the UK. If you don’t get a chance to catch it, see ShopCurious’s video of the show’s final moments here:

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