Thursday, 4 September 2008

Tropical tresses

A couple of years ago I had a curiously crazy idea to get a few outdoor plants delivered to create my own tropical paradise in central London. Of course I went a bit over the top and eventually had to organize a crane to deliver said pots and palms - but the result is a pleasingly stylish and unique oasis of rustling leaves, twittering birds and buzzing insects (though at this time of the year there are quite a lot of nasty garden spiders too.. )

I thought it might be appropriate to focus on nature for a while, since so many of the new products at ShopCurious are naturally beautiful things - like these rather individual silk and feather hair accessories. Each is lovingly handmade in England by the designer, Gil Fox.

They're great for so many occasions like parties and weddings. They'll also make a perfect addition to your Christmas wardrobe, or even an unusual seasonal gift. These unique accessories are also very versatile and not just for wearing in your hair. Why not attach the clip to a hat to add some ornamentation - or fix to your clothing and turn this into a quirky corsage, or an original piece of jewellery.

They also look very arty in the leaves of my palms. The one in the middle (above) is attached to the rather dangerous looking agave (right), a plant native to Mexico. This agave is now scarily larger than when first delivered,as is the rather fiercely spined plant pictured in the top left of this blog, which I'm stilll trying to identify - I think it's a type of trithrinax. Does anyone know?

Do you?

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