Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Purple rain

Well, we have been experiencing some very curious weather. I haven't seen any purple rain yet, but these stunningly beautiful alpines seem to flower in London for at least six months of the year - if not more.

Here are a few photos (taken on my terrace by Kurtay) of some of the unusual and amazing jewellery by Aris Geldis that's available at ShopCurious. What I love about these pieces is the use of totally natural materials, the fact that they're handcrafted, very individual and yet also completely wearable. This unique necklace looks like something inspired by art deco and the 1920s. It's handpainted and has the most extraordinarily clever design - I'm truly smitten!

These pieces of iridescent painted carved crystal have to be one of the iconic jewellery designs of the year. The fabulously original necklaces are artisitic and quirky, yet also highly collectable designer curiosities. A unique accessory like this would work equally as well with a dress for the Oscars as it would with a t-shirt and jeans. Simple, classic, timeless, naturally beautiful and inspirational are some of the words I would use to describe this very special pendant.

And for la piece de resistance, there's a limited edition super-stylish luxury version for lovers of beautiful things who can afford to look really different. Style with brains is one thing, but sometimes a little money helps too:

Take a closer look at the £20 note. First of all, it's purple. And secondly, it features Adam Smith - whose "insights into human nature, the organisation of society, the division of labour and the advantages of specialisation remain at the heart of economics", thus spake Mervyn King. Interestingly, Smith's major work was entitled An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Sounds like something we could do with today?

The new-style £20 notes, introduced in 2007, are apparently much better from a security point of view than the previous ones, with more ultra-violet features. Just as well - we've had enough rain in the UK, I'm voting for purple sunshine!
Are you?

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