Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Paris party people

I took a whirlwind trip to Paris for the end of Fashion Week. It was even shorter than I’d planned due to problems with the Eurostar and endless taxi queues. I did find time to squeeze in the odd party, though.

Here’s top mover and shaker (hence two photos!) of the French fashion fair scene, Xavier Clergerie, who hosted a ‘premiere classe’ bash. I love the way he looks so stylishly French. And the arty vintage silk scarf looks totally fabulous.

I noticed that quite a few of the men in Paris were wearing rather distinctive silk scarves – like the wonderfully charming New York based singer, Faze, pictured left. The multi- talented Mike Sylla of Baifall Dream, who made the most delicious mint tea for us, was also sporting his own trendy scarf.

I hope they all know that we’ve got a wide selection of vintage silk scarves for sale at ShopCurious, as well as quirky vintage ties and curiously English recycled vintage silk cravats.

There were lots of party people I didn’t know, but they all looked to be having a great time – and in some cases they were really letting their hair down (or shaking it up as the case may be). Do let me know if you can identify any of those pictured here, including the flag-wearing Brit … and apologies if you were caught unawares.

I later bumped into this curiously dressed chap in black designer PVC. Perfect attire for Friday 3rd October - la nuit noire peut-etre?

And I finally met up again with the elusive M. Bonnet, pictured here in his workshop the morning after the night before (hence the uber-cool dark glasses). He kindly informed me, as I snapped merrily away, that I had become like the Japanese - some of whom, I have to admit, do seem to have bizarrely obsessive relationships with their cameras, especially when it comes to fashion.

But I was just soooo curious to see all the fascinating stuff in the hub of creativity that is his studio. It reminded me of one giant art installation with unusual hidden treasures like this unique, neigh(!) iconic sculpture... I think Crazy Horse might be an appropriate title?

Do you?

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