Friday, 21 November 2008

Bespoke bus party

If you spotted an old London bus parked in a backstreet in Soho last night, you weren’t hallucinating. Inside were guests celebrating the launch of the stylish new Sir Tom Baker shop.

With its eclectic mix of glam-rock style bespoke tailoring, funky ties and quirky fashion accessories, together with more traditional and wearable classics, Tom Baker’s style fits in perfectly with the ShopCurious ethos of providing beautiful, well made and handcrafted products that are unusual and unique, but also timeless in their design. Just as well, since in the New Year, ShopCurious will become the exclusive UK online stockist of selected pieces from the Sir Tom Baker range.

I thought you might like to have a take a peek inside the shop with me and meet some of the party guests:

The interior is scattered with vintage accessories, as well as handmade and retro furnishings and collectables - can you identify the iconic looking curly haired gent on this hat - is it Oliver Cromwell, or Noddy Holder perhaps?

There’s an Archie Eyebrows (aka Terry de Havilland inspired and advised) shoe salon to the rear, with hot hot Cuban heeled boots and shoes for men.

Terry was there in person too - the man with the silver gun (spot the natty vintage brooch) and striking black and white vintage t-shirt.

There were other glamorous guests who looked vaguely familiar, but I’m not a celebrity spotter, so do let me know if you recognize anyone.

The customers were both individual and charming, though some were more adventurous dressers than others – like poet and performance artist Phil, left, whose silver jacket spoke for itself (I had white lights in front of my eyes after taking that one).

Then there were the girls: the delectable Veera, the effervescent Gemma (below left), who has a Terry de Havilland shoe named in her honour, and this rather chic 1940s looking lady.

And the musicians, who jammed on a variety of instruments, including this versatile step-cum-drum (right). I’ve got one of those in my cupboard too, so I’ll have to ask for a pair of drumsticks for Christmas.

Mayor MCCA was a particularly cool and curious dude.

Finally, to the talented tailor himself, pictured here and (right) with a friend. I didn’t like to ask how they were all getting home as the bus didn’t look in great shape.

Maybe they’ll keep it there for a few days and carry on celebrating – Prince Charles might even be tempted to use his new bus pass to come and buy a jacket or two.

Will you?

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