Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Collectable curiosities

A present shouldn't just be for Christmas ... think of the recipient's regard for you, think of the memories that would be associated with something really special, think of the future investment potential and the lasting value of an heirloom for generations to come ... a Christmas gift should be for life.

Okay, now we're done with the marketing spiel, here are some ideas of collectable curiosities you might like to bestow upon your loved ones to help them remember you forever:

How about this original 1960s Swoboda pendant (above right) with semi precious stones? It's one of a kind and it's also kinda cool, don't you think? We've also got an iconic vintage Fiorucci Minnie Mouse sweatshirt at ShopCurious that might need taking out to celebrate boyfriend Mickey's recent 80th birthday. What's more, we're offering this rare retro rediscovery at a special recession conscious price.

If your friends are into designer names and unique accessories, we've some ultra-desirable vintage Versace shades - that's sunglasses to us Brits - in two separate shades (sorry, am I repeating myself?) and these are also supplied with their original cases.

Other stateside curiosities include an exotic selection of bags from Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills - including a stylish and somewhat surrealist telephone bag - and a masterfully minimalist version of the Eiffel Tower (held by Carrie Bradshaw, left) ... I guess that's how big the famous French monument looks to Americans?

If you're not buying for a handbag-worshipper, you could always settle for a limited edition sculpture, expertly carved by Hacene Sadoune. Or perhaps you'd prefer a more classically inspired piece, in which case we've just the thing.

Finally, if you know any fashionistas who are trying to quell their portable property habit in these financially strained times, why not consider investing in the fashion of art in the form of a limited edition signed sketch by legendary British fashion designer, Bill Gibb. You won't be able to wear it, but at least it's not going to be consumed by moths in your wardrobe and one day it could be worth a lot more than you paid for it. We have some tips on how to look after your clothes by the way, of which more later ...

Just a few ideas. I hope you are at least mildly curious?

Are you?

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