Thursday, 4 December 2008

Luxury stocking fillers

There’s no better time than the beginning of December to start fretting about your Christmas wardrobe. This usually involves quite a few changes of dress and heaps of clothing strewn all over the place as you rush around at the last minute deciding what to wear to endless drinks parties, the office bash, at Christmas lunch, on Boxing Day and on the odd occasion you might possibly even be asked to don fancy dress … heaven forbid! Beyond that, there are probably travels all over the place to visit relatives, stay with friends, perhaps to go on holiday and, of course, to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

So where better to start the proceedings than with curious Christmas stockings – or in this case, tights. At ShopCurious, we’ve got the ultimate luxury stocking filler in the form of Bebaroque’s divine hand-embroidered tights. Not only are these velvety soft to the touch, but they’re so hot that you’ll have people falling over themselves to get them off you: Lust, envy and covetousness all come to mind – so I guess these are perfect for the office party and as the Christmas gift you’re going to buy for yourself and ask a kindly Great Aunt to pay for.

I wore some of Bebaroque’s unique and stylish tights to a rather stupendous lunch (shame about Claridges clashing and rather naff carpet) held by the Fragrance Foundation to honour Vivienne Westwood as winner of their annual Circle of Champions award - an initiative set up by the US Fragrance Foundation to pay tribute to individuals who have made a notable and newsworthy contribution to the fragrance industry.

I have to say that I do massively admire Vivienne as a fashion designer – she’s simply the bees knees. I totally adore the utter femininity of her designs, her originality and style - though I have to admit that I’m not entirely sold on her Boudoir perfume, as it’s a bit too heady and floral for me, but each to their own.

Another thing I really admire about Vivienne is her ability to be herself, no matter what anyone else thinks, which often comes across as quirky eccentricity. It was amazing to hear her wonderfully wacky speech in praise of Prince Charles and his support for global efforts to save the rainforest. It’s great that she gave that speech though, because it made me think … and it does actually make a lot of sense to strike at the root (excuse the pun) of our worldwide dilemma: I guess that, in the scheme of things, the devastating effects of deforestation on our climate, environment and air quality - and ultimately, the prospect of eventually running out of air to breathe - are even more significant than impending global economic depression?

But I bet you’re still going to buy a Christmas tree - perhaps even one that’s been sustainably grown at eco-friendly Highgrove...

Are you?

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