Monday, 29 December 2008

Saleing into the sunset

Have you been to the sales yet? I’ve viewed scenes of crowded stores on the TV news, but prefer to keep well away from them myself. However, in a mad moment of nostalgia, when walking past a local branch of Woolworths the other day, I decided to pop in and take a look at what was on offer.

There weren’t that many customers about, though there were quite a lot of very glum looking staff, including an extremely unfriendly security guard, who insisted that I stop taking photographs and threatened to throw away my camera. All very odd, I thought, for a shop that was just about to be closed down – and hence the rather hurriedly taken and blurred photos in this blog…

There was still quite a lot on the shelves and most of the stock seemed only to have been marked down by 10% - including such ‘wonders’ as Cliff Richard's autobiography, a toy replica long range rifle, something called Partini – ‘the party game with a delicious twist’ and pale pink and blue raffia umbrellas (perfect for mid-Winter).

The clothing section was a little busier: the floor strewn with the remnants of rummaging shoppers. The fashions on show were decidedly lacking in taste – like this deep-pile-style stripey zip up cardie in a toe curlingly eclectic array of cerise, dark lilac and white..

If you’re not tempted by the Wonder of Woolies or other department store sales, why not take a look for bargains on the internet. You won’t have to go out in the cold, or battle with the crowds and you might even find things with timeless style that aren’t instantly identifiable as last season’s stock.

At ShopCurious, we’ve up to 40% off stylish fashion, jewellery and unique accessories like this unusual vintage bug bangle (left) reduced from £230 to £149.50. We’ve also designer vintage bargains and some highly wearable contemporary clothing that will keep you warm year after year too – like a simple, but stunning black suede waistcoat by Madame a Paris, reduced from £386 to £250.90.

It’s actually very sad that Woolies will be closing down, especially for the employees at this difficult time. When you see the fixtures and fittings being sold off (if anyone wants them), like plastic shopping baskets at a pound a pop, it brings home the finality of the situation.

It’s even sadder that the buyers at Woolworths weren’t curious enough to find things with a little more style.

Are you?

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