Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Matriarchs of tribal style

Now here’s a novel idea for Mothers' Day – especially if your Mum’s a fan of President Obama, or just likes to dress in a unique and individual way: ShopCurious is offering a range of stylish silk tops and dresses in Obama commemorative fabric, created by talented US-based designer, Lola Faturoti. (Click on pics to enlarge).

In case you didn’t know, Lola’s the one with the yellow hat (left) in these pictures. You can also see her face famously depicted in profile as the logo (right) of her original hand printed t-shirts.

Whether or not your 'Mom' is a matriarch of tribal style, or perhaps just one of the many followers of Barack Obama, she'd definitely make a real fashion statement by wearing one of these authentic designs. These unusual tops not only combine comfort and style, but are timeless and collectable pieces – and they’re simply perfect for passing on to future generations too:

Something of historical significance to keep in the family (or at least the human tribe).

Will you?

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