Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tribal village

When I go travelling, I like to meet the locals. Tourists often find themselves subject to traditional dances by ‘locals’ who dress up especially for the occasion, or displays of handicrafts that are shipped in from far flung places. If you’re lucky, you get to see the real thing, as I did in Zambia a couple of years ago.

You’ll note there are no electricity cables in the main part of this village (above), they’re just along the roadside where they lead to the main part of the town. Villagers line the road with stalls selling their wares.

The reason I mention this is that the beautiful earthy colours and unusual design of one of the unique hand painted pendants available at ShopCurious remind me of the Zambian tribal village I visited.

I think this stylish necklace is so original. The painting style has more than a hint of Picasso about it and there’s only one of these – it’s a mini work of art in its own right. What’s more it’s eco-friendly too, as the pendant’s made from recycled wood. This would make an unusual gift for someone with a love of unique accessories, or who’s into timeless and collectable curiosities.

If you’re still curious to see an authentic tribal village at first hand, I just found Kawaza Village on the internet. Looks perfect for adventurous types with desire to experience an alternative natural lifestyle.

Do you?

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