Sunday, 7 June 2009

Golden gifts for Fathers' Day

This month’s blogs have the theme of anything and everything to do with gold. And, with Fathers’ Day coming up soon, I’m sure an awful lot of you must be considering stylish and unusual gifts for all of the uniquely individual and very special Dads out there? So, if your father’s worth his weight in gold, how about a little something that positively glows with your love and appreciation? Here are some ideas for gifts that rock like the golden oldie 'king of bling' himself ...

For the father who indulges in the occasional spot of air guitaring (sadly, I know a few), I’d like to recommend this gloriously gold lame tie (right), beautifully designed and hand-finished by fashion designer to the glitterati (and a fair few rock stars too), Sir Tom Baker. I’ve noticed several gold ties around lately, but none quite as cutting edge or eye-catching as this.

If your Dad’s a bit of an ageing hippy, he might also like this hand painted recycled suede jacket by Baifall Dream (right) … very 1970s Earth, Wind and Fire.

The more traditional man might like to stick to something he feels more comfortable in. Just make sure he knows that the ‘only true test for gentlemen’ is determined by whether or not they wear double cuff shirts and cufflinks ...

If your father’s the suave and sophisticated type, it’s highly likely he’s a fan of James Bond’s curiously cool style.

Christopher Lee’s Scaramanger may not be your number one fashion icon, but these vintage ‘golden gun’ cufflinks (left) from ShopCurious are certainly the sort of accessories that any well dressed gentleman would like to have in his wardrobe.

Of course, your old man might actually be more of a medallion fancier, who’d prefer a lorry load of bling around his neck. All I’d say is that you is that, whatever you choose, it’s really nice if you manage to find something that’s timeless in its appeal, something your Dad can keep and cherish forever - a gift that’s got a bit of provenance, that might even be collectable and can be passed on to future generations as an investment. All the more reason to pick something that you're rather fond of too.

Are you?


Suzanne said...

hahaha, very funny post!

Just to keep out of these difficult situations, I bought a book:)

Make Do Style said...

LOL brilliant pieces! Loved the Elvis picture.
Do you know I have no idead where the photo comes from - just an image bank online.

Susan said...

Thank you for being curious - the Elvis pic came via Google images, but is from - photos for educational purposes - it's great when learning is free!