Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Curiously English cravats

I’ve noticed something of a revival in cravat wearing recently and wondered why it is that the really smooth, suave, debonair English gentleman always wears a cravat rather than a plain old tie? I wanted to ask that iconic figure of traditional Home Counties charm, Nicholas Parsons, but he was unavailable for comment.

I have to admit that I’m very fond of Mr Parsons, though even back in his Sale of the Century and Benny Hill days, he never really struck me as being much of a sex symbol. Funny then that I should find myself reading about his ‘love affair with leather’ in a 1967 issue of Penthouse Magazine (see below and click on images to view).

If you like the 'old smoothie' look, we’ve got some fabulous vintage cravats at ShopCurious that would make perfect Fathers’ Day gifts – especially if your father happens to be a suave, sophisticated or aspiring traditionalist, (though cravats can make younger guys look really quirky and cool too).

A more curious and original gift, if your Dad's into the unique and unusual, would be a vintage copy of Penthouse Magazine. Something that's a very sensible investment, as it's not only collectable, but you can also borrow it later to study the groovy fashion shoots and awesome retro trends.

Now just a minute, how about a Fathers’ Day gift for that stylish old stud, Nicholas Parsons? I have a feeling he might appreciate a nice leather cravat …

Do you?

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