Friday, 10 July 2009

Hot colour hits Henley

Finally got around to sorting out all the photos from the many events I’ve been to in the past couple of weeks. One of the most colourful has to be Henley Royal Regatta. Last year I photographed lots of brightly coloured men’s blazers, so I thought that this time I’d give the girls a look in. Curiously, they didn’t seem to be nearly as colourful as the men (pics to follow later), though I did see a few arty outfits:

I loved Sue’s green and pink ensemble (left), which she said was purchased at a small boutique in central France. She’s obviously creative, since she decorated the hat to match, using a scarf that came with the outfit. Looks really quirky and unique, but rather stylish too, don’t you think? Elsewhere, eco-friendly green was also in evidence, as in this simple, but casually elegant outfit worn by Kirsty (right).

Chain store chic was also present in the form of a Karen Millen dress (and shoes) worn by Emma, right. Vivid colours can work well on a hot summer’s day - and when the sun did eventually come out, it was absolutely sweltering. Another girl I snapped (left) must have been anticipating the good weather – in fact she looked like she’d have been more at home at a Hawaiian beach party than a right royal rowing event on the river.

This year I also spotted quite a few art inspired multi-coloured numbers amongst the dresses – like Ann’s colourful Pleats Please creation by Issey Miyake, right. Katherine (left), whose father rowed for Great Britain, was wearing a geometric print maxi-dress.

Bright colours were certainly in abundance with plenty of reds, mauves, greens and blues. Julie and her mother, Audrey (right), definitely added a vibrant splash of colour to my day and I admired this polka dot red retro dress worn by Joan, who’d travelled all the way from New York to attend the regatta.

Although some dresses were duplicated, there were plenty of unique accessories - along with some very curious colour combos.

Jill’s dress and bag matched her green Henley badge (left) – as, inadvertently, did my grey-green floaty floral silk number, which I teamed up with Prada shoes, designer vintage YSL sunglasses from ShopCurious and some curiously clashing nail varnish to complete the look (see below).

Margot cleverly colour co-ordinated her art nouveau abstract patterned dress with matching accessories (above right).

This year I actually managed to see some of the races too - and that’s when a young lady’s foot caught my attention ... perhaps she was inspired by the ancient Greeks, or maybe she’s planning to row in the 2012 Olympics? I’m not really a big fan of tattoos, but this one seems appropriately cool for the occasion.

Are you?

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