Sunday, 12 July 2009

Real men wear pink

This isn't an official sample survey, but I’ve collected some evidence over the past few weeks and, apologies to anyone who’s into statistically correct analyses, but I’ve already drawn my own conclusions:

There’s no doubt that men can look attractive without even a hint of pink – take Richard, photographed right, with Jo at Henley Royal Regatta. He simply oozes casual modern style in his Ralph Lauren suit and colourful orange tie. And I reckon Max, pictured left, would look cool whatever he wore - but that stripey blue shirt works a real treat with his fab blond look (d'you think he could be related to Boris Johnson?)

Generally, even a soupcon of pink on a man is considered somewhat unusual – and the mere thought of wearing more than a smidgen of said colour could possibly be quite alarming to some red-blooded males. Most traditional men will stretch to a touch of pink, when appropriate for the occasion - about as much as appears on this chap’s Leander Club tie and umbrella (right) – though, unfortunately, I’m unable to confirm whether or not he's wearing Leander Club pink hippo boxers (left) underneath.

By the way, did you know that the Leander Club, home to real men like British Olympic medal winners Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell (swoon), has a pink hippo as its mascot … you can even buy this rather cuddly version from the shop in their Henley-based Club House.

Other gentlemen's clubs have similarly curious colour combos, including the Garrick Club’s salmon pink and peppermint green, as modelled, left, by all round topping fellow, Tony.

It’s a rare man for whom pink is the colour of choice – men who wear pink are often highly individual characters who like to stand out from the crowd. Martin’s coral pink tie and Ascot button hole, shown right, look effortlessly stylish, as do Steve from the Army Medical Corp’s pink chinos (left) - in fact those trousers look so curiously cute that he’s probably got people queuing up to have CPR practised on them.

Finally, some men wear pink with purpose. Take Angus’s stunning Lacroix trousers, pink brocade tie and chunky cut glass cufflinks. Seems like he's a bit of a fashion hound, but it’s actually fairly easy to create an individual look of your own by simply picking out a few key pieces that are just a tad different from the mainstream.

In fact, at ShopCurious we’ve got some rather unique Murano glass cufflinks that are both arty and sophisticated – though these are orange, so you’ll have to let us know if you want some pink ones to be ordered specially for you.

Do you?

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Eden Rose said...

Love pink on men, my OH has lots of pink, pink shirts for work, pink sweaters, pink ties, pink cufflinks. No pink trousers though, he draws the line somewhere. That angus guy looks fab though!