Thursday, 8 October 2009

Timeless trends - poetry

Did you know that it's National Poetry Day in the UK - and the theme for for this year's Poetry Day is heroes and heroines. I thought it might be appropriate to communicate in words, rather than pictures, today.

In my previous life as a City girl, I wrote poetry to alleviate the boredom of my daily commute into work. I'd like to dedicate one of my curious scribblings from yesteryear to the heroes and heroines of poetry around the world...

here goes (blush):

Poems of the lonely
In a moment far away
Written on an envelope
Remembered for a day

Poems in the Underground
Obscure and misconstrued
Posted up above our heads
And daubed with something rude

Poems of our warriors
Steeped in history
In their blood-stained volumes
Preserved for you and me

Poems made by lovers
Secretly at night
Folds of scented parchment
Fade in candlelight

Poems of the inner-self
Rhythms of our time
Mankind’s epic epitaph
Written line by line.

With apologies to any professional poets and those of you who were expecting a blog about fashion, style, or the sort of unique and unusual things you'll find at ShopCurious.

By the way, have you got any poems from the past that you'd like to share?

Do you?

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soothing & profound words are what we need sometimes... Lovely weekend Susan! xo*