Monday, 9 November 2009

Bling bling

I’m curious to know if you received a bonus this year? High rollers might be tempted to purchase some serious 'statement' bling this Christmas – perhaps a Swarovski crystal studded Mercedes, like this one, recently spotted at the ICC building in Hong Kong.

If you’re looking for something with a little more investment potential, how about an original 1960s disco coin belt, from ShopCurious. Made from collectable British coins from the past century, the chain belt incorporates old h’pennies (equivalent to 0.005p in today’s money), as well as florins (two shilling pieces) featuring Edward VII, George VI and early examples from our current Queen’s reign.

A recent news item stated that even 2p coins are now worth much more than their face value, due to the appreciation in value of constituent metals, such as copper. These coins have also been coated in gold paint, adding to the uniqueness of this quirky accessory.

As we just about hang on to one last vestige of our independence from the rest of Europe, this might make the ideal gift for a friend who’s big on nostalgia, or simply looking to celebrate our traditional British currency and heritage.

Designed to be worn as a belt, this would also make a curiously individual necklace – and if things get really tough, you could always melt it down. All in all, I’m quite impressed by this very versatile bit of bling.

Are you?

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nearlywinter said...

I adore coin jewellery - these are gorgeous. I always think coins are little miracles of art that go unnoticed every day. I like imagining the original artists making their designs in clay, sculpting tiny leaves and devices. No other painter or sculptor would have their art seen by so many!

I've got a silver charm bracelet my Mum wore in the 60s, and it has a George VI (I think) ha'penny on it...MUCH to the annoyance of a friend, who's 48 and can remember them being in currency when he was a lad...

Sarah P