Friday, 6 November 2009

Multi-functional madness?

What is this multi-functional madness? From printers to mobile phones and modern home furnishings: contemporary design is obsessed with the all-singing, all-dancing, all bells and whistles, multi-purpose answer to everything.

I was just reading about a device from BMW that’s a remote locking ‘smart key’ – so smart, in fact, it can also be used as a credit card - and can store electronic information, such as radio stations and contacts' phone/address details. I guess it’s not nearly so smart when it’s stolen?

Multi-functionality does have advantages - for instance, you’ll probably save money by investing in one multi-purpose item, rather than buying several things for separate jobs. The down side of multi-style products is that they often look clunky, or just plain weird, like the ‘hat bag’ or ‘bag hat’ shown here.

The fashion world is responsible for a whole host of curiously creative multi-purpose garments, like the incredible ‘multi-functional cleaning dress’ – perfect if you enjoy wiping your bum across the floor… You never know, it might catch on as a new (though somewhat sartorially inelegant) form of 'statement' exercise?

At ShopCurious, we think we’ve come up with the ideal solution to stylish multi-function dressing, with our reasonably priced range of unique dress-coat-skirt-cape-top-thingys.

Each garment is made from just one piece of fabric that can be worn however your mood takes you. The variety of ways each piece of clothing can be arranged is purely a function of exactly how innovative are...

And, there’s no need to worry about getting in a twist if you’re not feeling particularly inventive, as each design comes with its own instruction sheet for styling options. By the way, if you’re looking for some matching accessories, how about this multi-strand charm necklace, which also doubles up as a belt?

What’s so great about these items is that they’ve all got style with brains.

As for multi-functional madness, do share your thoughts and experiences.

Will you?


Profoundly Superficial said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for dropping by Profoundly Superficial. LOVE the little green, white and black frock. Very cool and very witty!


Very creative multi-purpose garments...cheers to creativity!
Thank you Susan, enjoyed the link L Adam, she is fab! Wonderful weekend as well darling~xo*

janettaylor said...

Hello Susan,

That dress is my fave! Great idea.
By the way - Oh yeo, I saw those Terry de Havilland shoes on Ur shop...LOVE! I have got a Terry platforms from early 80s and I declare - ONE OF MY FAV SHOES! :-D

Have a great day!