Monday, 1 March 2010

Dear Mum...

With Mothers' Day less than two weeks away in the UK, I was trying to decide what sort of gift my mother would really appreciate.

I was reminded that mothers always have plenty of advice for us. “Remember to wear your vest”, “never accept a lift from a stranger”, “eat breakfast every day” and so on. However, I wasn’t really one for listening to my mother’s advice, which is probably why the words I recall her using most often were, “I told you so.”

Now I’m a bit older, I’d like to know more about my dear Mum: What was life like when she was growing up, where did she get her ideas from and what advice would she give me now?

This curiously appropriate book ‘from you to me’, available at ShopCurious, asks these questions and many more. In fact, it’s the perfect Mothers’ Day gift…Just let your Mum provide the answers in her own special way, and return the completed book to you: You’ll find out more about your family and lots of things you didn’t know. What’s more, your mother will really enjoy adding her personal touches to the journal - and providing you with stories you’ll treasure and can pass on to future generations.

What are the most unique and precious memories from your childhood? How helpful were your mother’s words of advice to you? Do let us know… “And make sure wash behind your ears.”

Will you?

PS Mum will also enjoy this cheesy video clip - I love the curious colours.


worm said...

arrrgh - Terms of Endearment!! Haven't seen that in a loooong time.. I always thought the strapline was notable for the slightly jarring english:

"Come to Laugh, Come to Cry, Come to Care, Come to Terms"

Make Do Style said...

Wow that is such a good idea!

Schnappy said...

Very sweet! :)


I remember watching terms of Endearment ~sob-sob-sob!
Another great movie with 'mother theme' is Joy Luck Club! Have u watched it Susan?

Susan said...

No I haven't seen the Joy Luck Club, but I'll check it out when I get a moment - thanks for the recommendation Lenore!

Jan said...

Don't recall little Jimmy having such a wavering voice - cute.
My mother's little catchphrases are always popping into my head.
Sometimes I say them out loud without thinking - most people look slightly puzzled when that happens as she clearly made them up herself.

Anonymous said...
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Susan said...

Please can you translate your comment into English and then we will re-post - thanks!

janettaylor said...

Great idea!

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