Monday, 8 March 2010


How about taking your mother away for a weekend break to celebrate Mothers’ Day? Mine has hinted she’d like to see Rome, as she’s never been before.

I noticed something curious about Rome last time I was there: the city’s simply bursting with sea-inspired art, sculpture and cuisine:

Your mother may well be a thalassomaniac (fanatic of all things to do with the sea), but you don’t have to travel to Rome to please her. These intricately hand-carved natural stone boxes from ShopCurious would make perfect Mothers’ Day gifts.

If you’re looking for something stylish that’s a little unusual, reasonably priced and useful too, they’re just the thing. Even better if your Mum’s got one of those fishy starsigns - like Aquarius, Pisces or Cancer. Or perhaps you’re one of those signs, in which case you’ll just have to buy two of these beautifully handcrafted boxes...

Will you?

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Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Rome - I think it is bursting with every possible kind of Art that is why it is so magical! :-))) Beautiful pictures!I hope you had a wonderful day with your mom. :-)
P.S. Yes, you are correct - Lady Gaga has nothing on Russian Kokoshnik! :-)