Thursday, 23 June 2011

QR coding the future of design

The Royal College of Art’s graduate show, Show RCA 2011, starts tomorrow. Billed as ‘a must see event for anyone interested in 21st century art and design,’ the description fails to convey the breathtaking creativity and innovative genius of the designers whose work is on display.

This year, a unqiue QR code is incorporated into the details of each of the 431 students works, linking to their relevant page in an online catalogue, their Linkedin profiles and CVs.

What we may eventually discover is that blown up versions of QR codes are great as works of art in their own right, especially as the monochrome look is so popular in interior styling these days - and mosaics are also experiencing something of a revival.

ShopCurious spotted this fabulous fashion inspired QR piece (left), please let us know if you have any information on the artist.

RCA exhibitor Thorunn Arnadottir’s designs incorporate both QR technology and mosaics. Her project explores ‘the juxtaposition of fame and personal privacy in the new environment.’ By fusing ancient African methods - beads for communication and masks that project identity with modern technology - she proposes a way of channeling the current obsession with vanity and fame, to the benefit of NGOs and charitable organizations.

But she’s also created this ‘super-self-promotional dress’ for a pop star Kali in Steed Lord (see below). The curiously clever fashion statement is composed of QR codes that link to online promotional material, which can be viewed instantly on fans’ mobile phones.

I'm not sure if Kali really needs the dress...

Are you?


Style Porn said...

Ok, so embarrassing story: I didn't know what those freaking bar-code QR thingies were until like a couple of months ago. I like the idea of incorporating them into art and fashion though. I just hope people don't start getting them as tattoos.

worm said...

I can imagine a singles night where people have a QR code badge that you can scan and find out if you're compatible