Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Slow-tech lifestyle shift?

I was reading Elle Decoration’s recent trend report, which seemed rather like a manifesto for shopping curiously – favouring nature-inspired pieces, along with "humble materials, upcycled treasures and… quilted fabrics."

If you’ve visited central London recently you may not have noticed any move towards frugality, but after the recent riots, we’ve begun to think in a totally different way.

ShopCurious has been pivotal in the shift towards vintage and recycling. We’ve been helping lead consumers towards a less wasteful, more meaningful future - from hi-tech to artisanal; from unnecessary extravagance to provenance…

Trends indicate that a lot more of us are starting to look back to a previous (more reliable) time, when the physical and tangible prevailed… But can we not combine the advantages of modern technology with our old-found knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t, to create innovative, contemporary solutions?

On that note, you may like this curiously quirky, collectable out of print book - Corey Ford’s Guide to Thimking (sic). With over 40 vintage cartoons and groovy graphics on the cover, this ‘humorous handbook for the machine age’ is the height of retroprogressive cool.

Are you?

PS My prescient predictions from September 2010 are also worth re-reading.


Profoundly Superficial said...

The great thing about recycling materials is that they already have plenty of history. You just add to that.

Jan said...

Sadly the trend for upcycling etc will never reach those young thugs (and their girlfriends) who covet only new designer labels.
I suppose they have their reasons.
Totally sickening really.

Style Porn said...

How are you holding up? I have to admit, shit looked pretty bad over there last week. There's nothing quite so humbling as complete anarchy. It reminds us all that we're not that far from the dark ages after all.