Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hotbed of vintage colour

As the temperature in London rose dramatically over the weekend, Wayne Heminway’s Vintage 2011 at the Southbank Centre provided added rays of sunshine. I don’t think I’ve seen so many smiling faces at the Royal Festival Hall since Robert Mayer’s concerts for children many years ago.

On Saturday, there was a lovely juxtaposition of quirky retro style mixed with ‘60s Pop Art, ‘70s psychedelica and ‘80s disco. The result was a cacophony of colour - and trends indicate that this sort of effect is likely to be a big influence for the coming season.

From juke boxes to glitter balls, the vintage vibe was curiously colourful across the board. Even the 1940s styled Clore Ballroom (above left) looked ultra-fashionable. In some ways it was a natural extension of the exciting new wave of design unleashed at the time of the original Festival of Britain. But it was also a contemporary continuation of the unique mix of cultures and talents for which our British Isles are so famous.

I was intrigued by the way men and women dressed for the occasion. The 1950s male ideal of 'health and strength' (see below) didn’t appear to be in evidence, but there were certainly some uber-cool disco dudes on the scene...

Along with plenty of authentic retro fashion...

And I loved the old fashioned interiors, some of which were created using items from the Hemingways’ private collection.

Mr Hemingway was on fine form as he introduced the Soul Revue (more on this in a forthcoming post). Though perhaps he could have done with a little retro styling?

Skylon's bar created vintage inspired cocktails to celebrate the festival... I'll leave you with the wonderful view from Skylon at sunset.

By the way, gentlemen wishing to get the ‘hot vintage’ look might like the fabulously funky retro silk tie by Pierre Cardin at ShopCurious (shown above).

Do you?

PS See more vintage men’s fashion in my latest RetroProgressive post on swimwear at The Dabbler.


Red Reidinghood said...

Great pictures! Seems like everybody was having a good time!


Annie Wright said...

Yes, wish I'd been there...

Jan said...

Wow Susan.
Gorgeous frock!
Yeah, a pity that Wayne
didn't dress up a bit.

worm said...

bring back skylon!!!

Susan said...

Worm - they do have those funny poles in front of the RFH, which are a little Skyloneous (curious new word I just invented).

Thanks Jan - think Wayne was wearing his work clothes. I'm surprised he had time to get dressed at all organising that lot. Amazing job!

David said...

You're looking sparkling with another splendid fascinator; but no sign of the great Redgrave's nose!