Thursday, 1 September 2011

Costa del cabaret

Whenever I’m in Marbella I feel like I’m part of a curiously costumed, theatrical extravaganza – a sort of gigantic, all-singing, all-dancing cabaret. Some of the things I’ve noticed about the outrageously OTT city are:

1) You can never be overdressed. I wore this ShopCurious outfit by the pool and no one batted an eyelid.

2) Normal fashion rules don’t apply. It's a chance to don your purple suede loafers...

3) Bling is king. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

4) Marbella is hen party heaven.

5) Food is fashionably non-faddy – nobody cares if you have lobster and chips.

6) The sun is always shining and…

7) The sunsets are mainly magnificent.

8) There’s usually a cocktail waiter within beckoning distance.

9) At night everything sparkles.

10) The entertainment is great – watch this terrific troupe of Capoeira dancers and musicians at the Ocean Club:

I'd recommend you check out the cabaret next time you’re in the Costa del Sol.

Will you?


worm said...

looks lovely! never been to marbella but I have many friends who love it - im off to ibiza next week but I dont have any outfits as curious as the ones in your photos!

Susan said...

Off to Ibiza?! Is that a 'family friendly' trip, worm? Btw has your Missus sprogged yet?

Style Porn said...

This magical place looks like a European Miami beach. At least with all the tits, ass, and glitter. That's my kind of vacation! Just add sunshine and booze and I'm set.

BTW, your poolside outfit was fab!