Friday, 2 September 2011

Earth, wind, fire and sunshine

Do you remember? Actually, I wasn’t thinking of the song, but my previous encounter with Earth Wind and Fire around a year ago, as recorded here at the ShopCurious blog. I mentioned then that I was a bit of a groupie fan. Well, imagine how excited I was to be not just seeing a live performance, but actually meeting members of the band in Spain this year.

Except I didn’t realize it wasn’t that Earth Wind and Fire...

It was the Earth Wind and Fire Experience, courtesy of the Al McKay Allstars.

In case you haven’t heard of Al McKay (pictured with me right), he’s one of the original members of the band – in fact he was with them for eight years/seven albums, and he was a co-writer of some of their best known hits – including, as it happens, September.

Around a decade ago, Al put together a group of 14 hand picked musicians to form a new band that now tours the world, ‘bringing back to audiences the real musical experience of Earth Wind and Fire.’

And they do not disappoint. I danced (crazily) throughout the whole concert, which was held in the tennis courts at Marbella’s Puente Romano Hotel...

Excuse the hackneyed expression, but it was a pretty damned awesome old school Experience. And a real privilege to literally rub shoulders with such a musically talented bunch of guys.

Oh, and please accept my apologies for ruining a lovely photograph of fabulously falsetto-voiced Tim Owens, with my scary flashbulb eyes and dance-damp hair (…eeek!)

Will you?

PS See more of the concert here - including the rest of the brilliant sax solo by Ed Wynne.


worm said...

picture not ruined! Unfortunately I still only know Boogie Wonderland, not got round to any of their other stuff yet

Lia Leuk Interieur Advies/Lovely Interior Advice said...

Ooh, I am a huge fan of soul music and Earth Wind & Fire. I envy you!
Try to see this group if they're coming to Holland!
Gr. Lia

Susan said...

Aw, you're sweet worm, but it's not a curiously cool look. However, you should definitely try some more EW&F, you are really missing out there...

Thanks Lia, I'll bear that in mind. Great blog!

Jan said...

This is one excellent holiday you're having.
Are you back?
We have sunshine.
Have a good weekend.

You always look so well turned out.

Susan said...

Hi Jan, actually this was earlier in August as I've only just got around to sorting out the photos. I've since been to Devon as well, which wasn't quite so sunny, but a lot brighter than downpour-drenched, grey London. Ugh! The change is long overdue... Are you back now too?

Style Porn said...

You look ravishing, dear. If that's your "been dancing" hair I'm officially jealous.

David said...

Great heavens, you've pulled out all the stops! Jetting round the world, Hob-nobbing with the stars, dazzling style and dance-damp hair. I'm going for a lie down.
Where did you go in Devon by the way?

Susan said...

Had a peaceful (and curiously sunny!) few days away from it all in a divine little cove in the South Hams, David... Lovely clifftop walks, tennis and, I'm afraid, more dancing.