Sunday, 1 July 2012

Starry summer style...

Well, at least we can’t say we haven’t had a summer. There was one blisteringly hot day last week in London, which coincided with me being stuck inside the Royal Albert Hall. Not that I’m complaining, as I was there for a George Benson concert.

It was actually quite cool before the audience arrived – but 5000 people or so later and it was quite a different matter. George was on amazing form – with his sultry-smooth voice and dexterous guitar skills. He’s no spring chicken, but his performance was incredibly energetic for any age.

Afterwards, I got to meet some of the band members, including sensational drummer, Oscar Seaton.

It was a great honour to meet George Benson too – in fact I was totally captivated by his beautiful eyes…

When, in my stunned state, I walked out onto Kensington Gore, the Albert Memorial rose up in front of me like an apparition.

 And then Dustin Hoffman appeared out of the blue, looking like he’d just flown in on the red eye. It was curiously surreal to see him, let alone hear him say, “Look, I can’t stand around all night while you fiddle about trying to work out your camera.”


Anyway, if you’d like to add some starry summer style to your life, how about one of these copper, quartz and crystal cluster rings from ShopCurious?

Do you?


worm said...

george benson's music is great!

so - can you confirm that dustin hoffman is indeed miniscule???

Susan said...

I'd guesstimate about 5' 3", Worm