Tuesday, 10 July 2012

007's retro sartorial style

If you’re curious to know more about the legend that is James Bond, do pop along to the new exhibition at the Barbican. Fifty Years of James Bond Style is a must for lovers of retro fashion, illustration, technology and set design. 

As well as major fashion houses, the work of many specialist costume designers is showcased.Original costumes by the likes of Lindy Hemming are on display at the show - along with footage of illustrious cast members performing daredevil acts in their jaw-dropping outfits. You'll see Beatrice ‘Bumble’ Dawson’s creations for Pussy Galore, including the famous golden waistcoat, which tantalized Bond with its glow. And guess who these items of swimwear belonged to...

Did you know that Sean Connery’s first suit followed the late Savile Row tailor Anthony Sinclair’s line, which became known as the Conduit Cut? The tailor’s clientele included army men, who favoured a cavalry style – slim trousers, plus a jacket with a high arm hole and 'hacking cut.' It was Terence Young, the director of ‘Dr No’, who first introduced Connery to Sinclair.

By the way, if you’re looking for some sartorially retro style, how about these OR WOT! braces at ShopCurious – they’re produced by the oldest braces manufacturer in the world, who, of course, are responsible for James Bond’s braces.

The exhibition also features Richard Chopping’s illustrations for the dust jackets of Fleming’s James Bond novels, plus sketches and promotional artwork for the 007 films. Oh, and there are plenty of geeky gadgets and espionage paraphernalia too. That’s if you don’t get waylaid at the Martini bar…

Will You?

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Style Porn said...

Haha, I always have to remember that a "waistcoat" is a tank top (in my American parlance) and "braces" are suspenders!