Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tailored and timeless: Oakwell Couture

Omg! London Fashion Week starts tomorrow. I always forget which season it is and which season is coming up, though I’m not sure that’s so important?

Just before my recent break from blogging, ShopCurious was invited to British couturier Nicholas Oakwell’s glamorous catwalk show at Claridge's. It’s so refreshing to see stylish and timelessly elegant clothing that is simply impossible to replicate in chain stores or on the internet. And to see a salon complete with grand piano, dressed with orchids - and scented by Roja Dove candles.

The workmanship that goes into creating these garments is extraordinary. Oakwell’s latest collection combined Art Deco elegance with vintage Victorian touches.Couture dresses and jackets featured feathers, fur, frills, pleating, bold geometric designs - there was also ruching, and even the odd ruff (not sure if that’s an Art Deco, or even a Victorian fashion trend for that matter). There were also retro hair rolls aplenty. But my favourite dresses were the ones that sparkled… Yes, I’m a sucker for sequins – and chandeliers - just see how they shine in my video:

Will you?

PS Here’s Oakwell Couture's video of the complete collection (without the added shimmer!)


Jan said...

You are not alone Susan - I can never remember which season either.
That's a gorgeous collection - beautiful fabrics.
Has our favourite Duchess worn him yet?
IIf not , she should.

Susan said...

As far as I'm aware, the Duchess of Cambridge isn't a client... yet. Nicholas has quite a few celebrity customers though - like Annie Lennox, who wore a stunning silver dress when she sang at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert.

Style Porn said...

These clothes are beautifully crafted. You can see it from across the room!

I do hope you'll offer some commentary on LFW. I feel somehow so out of the fashion week spirit this time around! I need a jolt of inspiration.