Thursday, 7 August 2008

Hot lips

Girls, it doesn't really matter whether you're braving out the depressingly damp weather in the UK for your hols, or searching for sunshine elsewhere, so long as you look glam and have fun. Here's Diana Dors looking curiously chic in Cannes - a rather stylish place to hang out. And Marilyn Monroe, romping amidst the waves, definitely appears to be enjoying herself.

The 1950s was a very glamorous era, when the fashion was for ladies to look like film stars at all times. Hollywood sirens of the day probably knew about the original colour change longstay lipstick called Magic Lips - a secret formula lipstain that changes colour according to your individual pH level. It's been available to the public now for over 20 years, but how it exactly works remains a mystery. If you're curious to discover what hot colour they'll make your lips, I suggest you invest in a set of 8 colour matching lipsticks from ShopCurious, where they're available at a very special price.

Believe me, this rather eclectic mix of colours will turn into hot shades of pink, red, peach or plum when applied to your lips - and will make them curiously kissable too - what fun!

We've got another magic pair of lips as well, in the form of this unusual red lips bag by Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills. At the moment ShopCurious is the exclusive UK stockist of this uniquely pouty party piece, which was carried by Carrie (excuse the cheesy pun) in an episode of Sex and the City.

Talking of movie stars, I think that Sex and the City's Samantha could also do with a red lips bag - when she's on holiday in the film she looks ever glamorous in her vintage style swimsuit, but she could definitely do with a bit of cheering up.

Smile and say cheese...
Will you?

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