Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Olympic comforts

One of the more curious pre-Olympic news items has to be the story about the regulation pillows that have been issued to British athletes by team officials to help them in their quest for medals. Apparently more than 500 "feather-like-down" pillows, made by Christy, Queen Victoria's favourite textile group and supplier of towels to Wimbledon, have been shipped to the athletes' village ahead of the team's arrival.

It's the first time that the British Olympic Association has issued pillows in the official kit bag. Simon Clegg, the team's chef de mission, explained that "Quality of sleep is so important, particularly for high performance athletes. Anyone who travels knows what impact a bad pillow can have in terms of pains and a poor night's sleep...They have had the opportunity to train on their pillows for the past fortnight". Extra long mattresses have also been provided for especially tall athletes - mainly swimmers and rowers.

What about the rest of us watching the Olympics from our sofas at home? May I suggest some stylish cushions from ShopCurious to help maximise your viewing experience. These unusual oriental inspired mini works of art by StyleCurious featured designer, Laura Berens, will ensure that you are sitting comfortably and in style.

If you can prize yourself away from your computer - unlike this computer addict in China - original, but rather sad.

Will you?

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