Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A bug's life

If I mention a very curious bug, you'll probably think there's something wrong with my computer. But no, this is a really weird type of bug that appeared for the first time last year, moving sluggardly over the leaves of my lovingly nurtured little fig bush. Such was my curiosity that I tried to identify the bug in several different insect books and on the internet - but to no avail.

I spotted one of the mysterious bugs the other day on some lavender (see left and right- not on lavender) - and there's a baby one too. Does anyone know what this is and where it might have come from? Please don't tell me it's going to eat through all the plants on my terrace!

If you're also curious about the boundless biodiversity of nature, you might want to look at some of the unique vintage bug bangles available at ShopCurious. They're made from real bugs set in coloured resin, so every one is slightly different. Some of them are chunky sized and some are skinny. They look really stylish and individual, make totally unusual gifts - and they're also curiously collectable.Are you? Will you?

1 comment:

LucyJones said...

I think it is a baby ladybird. I would leave it if I were you. It should grow into a lady bird and keep your greenfly at bay!