Sunday, 31 May 2009

Cushions of courage

With Fathers’ Day on the not too distant horizon, it seems appropriate to look forward to June with this in mind. It’s great that we get the opportunity to thank our fathers for their love, support and encouragement, but this is also a time when we might like to reflect on previous generations and their contribution towards our being able to enjoy the freedom and the lifestyle that we do today - especially as the 65th anniversary of D-Day is also imminent.

At ShopCurious, we’ve got some authentic and very unique silk cushions that are a part of our cultural heritage - and each one tells its own story. These original, hand painted silk cushions are very special as they were purchased as tourist memorabilia by American G.I’s, who sent them home to their parents as souvenirs of places where (or near to where) they were stationed.

Many of the bases were by the sea, such as Fort Hamilton near Coney Island in Brooklyn, Fort Lawton in Seattle and Pearl Harbour in Hawaii (named after the pearl oysters that once grew there).

Whilst sexy poses of bathing beauties adorned members of the forces’ walls, they sent home cushions with messages of sincere love ‘to Mom and Dad’ back home.

Your Dad may prefer a photo of a Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Dorothy Lamour or Lana Turner, but these vintage cushions make really unusual gifts for occasions such as Fathers’ Day. What’s more they're timeless pieces of history that are collectable and can be passed on to future generations. Now that’s what I call style with brains.

Do you?

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