Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The race for Ascot hats

Just thought I’d make a brief diversion off course in case you’re in the running for Royal Ascot this year. Not suggesting that you choose a nautical theme for your day (or days) at the races, but here are some ideas for Ascot hats that will definitely make heads turn – though what type’s your best bet may well depend upon the weather.

Last year the rules were relaxed slightly, allowing fascinators at Royal Ascot for the first time ever, but I noticed that some members of the Royal Enclosure managed to gain access without any hats at all – and others with seemingly little regard for the official dress code.

In case you do want to follow the new trend for fffffascinating headwear, ShopCurious has a selection of fabulously minimalist titfers by British designer Gil Fox. Of course, we also have a larger selection of more substantial hair accessories to choose from, ranging from quirky hairbands and floral headpieces by talented young milliner, Sandra Bamminger, to vintage Philip Tracey and elegant 1940s feather numbers. All of these hats are perfect for summer weddings too.

If you’re looking to save a few bob, we’re also offering our timeless raffia hats at a bargain price (I seem to recall that LK Bennett were selling the same in some rather odd colours last year at £69 a pop). These hats are also great for holidays and travel to hot climes, since you can scrunch them up and shove them in your suitcase – so you’ll turn out looking shipshape, however far-flung round the world you’ve been...

And they're also plain enough to dress up with your own choice of floral corsage, or even add a fascinator for more of an individual look.

Ultimately, it’s the unique accessories that really make an outfit. How about a statement hat that's also a work of art - like one of the curiously collectable stamp hats by Laura Wellington.

By the way, I think this stylish lucky horse shoe of a bag by Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills is simply perfect for a day at the races.

Odds on it's going to rain, so don't forget to take your brolly too.

Will you?

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