Friday, 26 February 2010

Arty old bags

Now, here’s something really curious: Old bags transformed into happening, new suitcases at ShopCurious vs. bright young things, artfully restyled as old bags, at London Fashion Week.

In case you didn’t already know, we’re featuring creatively recycled vintage luggage by Lisa Tilley in our StyleCurious designer showcase this month. Each of Lisa's bags has been lovingly embellished with a carefully chosen selection of retro magazine cuttings, or in some cases, original vintage maps – and they’re marketed under the curiously appropriate label – uoldbag!

If you’re feeling particularly generous, one of these unique accessories might be the ideal gift for Mothers’ Day - assuming your Mum has a good sense of humour, of course...

Anyway, I’d like to point out that these lovely old bags are available at very reasonable prices - considering the painstaking labour that has gone into updating each of the uniquely individual pieces, involving the rather finicky art of decoupage.

I also spotted some rather distinctive and unusual creations at London Fashion Week, where it appears 'old bag style' is definitely in vogue amongst up and coming creative types. Rare finds included talented stylist, Ameena (shown here enjoying the delights of the old fashion tea room), sporting her own take on the geeky-cool look, complete with the most divine pair of old lady style vintage Lacroix glasses.

And the amazing Anna, a designer bag lady with street cred (in the form of LFW’s sponsored canvas bag), wearing a wonderfully homespun head decoration – complete with sepia photos of a lady who may be her great grandmother...

I’m not quite sure what to make of these trends.

Are you?


abril en paris said...

I do not understand very well the text but if the photos that accompany it beautiful baggage.
A greeting from Spain :-)

Jan said...

Hi Susan
My feeling on this one.
I definitely don't need any trend that makes me look like an old lady.
Don't mind it on others but a bit
too close for comfort !

atelier said...

I quite like it, but I wouldn't try it...