Friday, 12 February 2010

Remember: love is timeless

In these fast-moving times, there's rarely an opportunity to sit back and spend a moment reflecting on what really matters: probably our family and our dearest friends.

Occasionally, we fall out with loved ones, or find ourselves distanced from those we’re emotionally close to. At some stage in life, it’s likely we’ll suddenly lose someone we love and realize we haven’t said all we really wanted to. Perhaps we’re rushing around so much, we forget how important it is to express our feelings … until it’s too late.

Recording feelings, thoughts and memories can be surprisingly rewarding, which is why, at ShopCurious, we’re offering a selection of journals to help you do just this. ‘From You to Me’ journals make really precious gifts – simply ask your loved one(s) to answer the questions in the book and return it to you, full of personal nostalgia and stories you’ve always wanted to know. Capture the memories and anecdotes of times spent with those special to you - and receive your own gift of love and friendship back again.

One of the journals, called These were the Days, is especially appropriate for anyone who’s leaving and moving on to pastures new. Whether you're graduating from school, university, taking up a new job, or moving abroad, this journal provides an opportunity to capture key memories and experiences from the people you've met along the way.

Alternatively, you may want to reflect on good times spent with your partner - or even an old flame, someone overseas, a mentor, or person who’s had a key influence in your life... Or, you may simply wish to recall experiences shared with a friend, relative or colleague you particularly admire, as a record for posterity.

It’s worthwhile taking a moment to remember those special to us. The gift of love is timeless.

Will you?

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Amen to that!
Love is the apposite of fear~
Let us celebrate LOVE always*
xo a.k.a lurrrve!